What RoP Should Have Been?

A long, complicated fanfic comparing Numenor to Tyre and Carthage, with lots of plotting, and lots of villainy and heroism, both.

Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty,” by Dracoena.

UPDATE: Almost a little too on the nose, identifying Melkor with all the Canaanite MLK/Melech gods _and_ with the Sun. Yes, Meleko was his Adunaic name. But he was also “lord of darkness” (Mulkher) to them. Or the author could have tied Meleko to other masculine Canaanite ideas.

The problem is that, clearly, Uinen would have been mucha insulta by being explicitly paired with Melkor, and she was around and visible to be visibly insulted. And Shammash/the Sun is not a MLK-styled god when he is a he, and is female in a lot of Canaan (as opposed to the male moon god), just as in Tolkien’s Legendarium and in his Numenor material. (Her Adunaic name is Uri, the feminine form of ure, sun.) Also, Sun/Wave is not a Canaanite pairing. And so on.

Using “Ashtarte” as a name for Uinen is linguistically unlikely, and confuses Asherat/Atirat (the mom of Yam, the sea) with Ashtart (the planet Venus). If Uinen’s title “Lady of the Seas” was translated into Adunaic, it would probably be something like “Azrubareth” or “Azrukhori.” (-ath and -eth are feminine Adunaic suffixes, as is -i, and while -e is technically neuter, it shows up a lot in feminine words.) Bareth and Baalit are close enough for funsies, so it would still make the point.

The fanfic idea is powerful, but I think the degree of apostasy, so early on, is ludicrous. They would already have been smote. If they had been worshipping a MLK god as a title of Eru, or if gradually the idea had seeped in that Eru and Meleko were the same… that would have been different, and the full creepiness could have slowly unfolded.

Otherwise… this is the sort of thing that could have made Jeff Bezos a lot of bucks, without insulting anyone. But Amazon did not do anything so sensible.

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