St. Luke Baanabakintu, Martyr, Patron for Memory Problems

He used to walk 42 miles to Mass, and memorize the sermon, and then bring it back for his local community to hear. Word for word. He’s also called “St. Luka Baanabakintu.”

More about the amazing life of this Ugandan martyr. He was burnt alive on Ascension Thursday — June 3, 1886.

He is also regarded as a patron of sailors, fishermen, mechanics, blacksmiths, and students.

A very cool statue of the saint, on this Catholic school’s website. You may have to scroll down to see it.


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2 responses to “St. Luke Baanabakintu, Martyr, Patron for Memory Problems

  1. Peter Floriani

    Yes, as astounding as it sounds to read in books like the Nero Wolfe stories featuring the memory-trained Archie Goodwin, or another series of tales by an unknown author, this power can be acquired by training, or by gift of the Holy Spirit.

    (A co-worker of mine used to say “I was born with a photographic memory but it never developed.” )

    • I’ve done some of the “memory palace” stuff, and location memory does seem useful. But I didn’t really have any incentive to learn it, as I don’t give speeches. (And I have terrible visual imagination, although location memory doesn’t necessarily need that.)

      I was more interested to find out that all those little manuscript illuminations in the borders are usually terrible Latin puns used as memory aids for the book’s contents. You look at them, and maybe suddenly you realize the groanworthiness of it.

      Anyway… the book’s format and contents are supposed to be gradually loaded into the reader’s memory palace; and the crazier the illustrations, the better you remember them.

      I do a lot of rote memory, and used to know tons of songs and long ballads by heart. My memory for Scripture has gotten a lot better, the more I mess with Bible-related stuff.

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