Laying Crime Victims to Rest, for Free

The Archdiocese of Detroit has a program to lay cremated remains honorably to rest in their local Catholic cemetery, regardless of religion, and without cost to families that don’t have the means.

This is a response to the sad situation that leaves many cremated bodies in some odd place in a relative’s house, or at a funeral home without anyone to claim the body.

Well, apparently the FBI had a major case in the Detroit office, which took years and years. And somehow, they were left with the custody of over 800 labeled cremains. (So maybe it was from a funeral home crime.) Even after families were contacted, only about 200 remains were claimed by families that were able to take care of the funeral themselves. And then they found out about the Archdiocesan program.

And so, on All Souls’ Day, the remains of 579 people were laid to rest in Holy Sepulcher Catholic Cemetery, there to await the Day of Judgment and the resurrection of the dead.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. Amen.

EWTN story.


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