Churchill and Moriarty??

I was reading Churchill: A Life, and they were talking about Churchill’s attempts to pass the Sandhurst entrance test.

One of his tutors at Harrow for their “Army class” was named… Louis Martin Moriarty.

No, seriously.

Moriarty was also a gifted fencer, who helped coach Churchill on his way to winning not just Harrow’s fencing championship, but the yearly tournament of all the public schoo

Alas… he was French, taught history and French, lived out his entire life at Harrow without a single scandal, and generally was not the Napoleon of Crime in any way.

But it is pretty hilarious as a coincidence, because of course the archcriminal Moriarty was an army tutor of mathematics.

Churchill learned most of his high school mathematics in just a few months, from a teacher named Mayo, who seems to have been determined that the kid was going to pass the Sandhurst exam’s math section. And he did, which was pretty remarkable on both their parts.

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