I Probably Should Link My Catholic Memes

Anonymity-security versus obscurity: Which will win?

I’m not terribly good at composing memes, but the Catholic Memes subreddit is a nice one.

It’s more active than the Reddit obergefreiter admins allow it to be. If you want to see all the memes that are submitted and which are judged suitable by the actual subreddit mods, you have to go on the Catholic Diocese of Discord.

“Any Baptized Male Can Be Elected Pope”

“St. Macrina on Robots”

“St. Joseph in God’s House” – Not super-successful as an explanation, IMO.

“Emmaus: the Question Contains the Answer”

“The Secret Key to the Song of Songs”

“Toddler Mary” – a Davidic comparison story from the Proto-Evangelion of James, etc.

“Photo of Jesus Christ with Unrepentant Communicants”

“The Price of Spikenard” – sort of an infographic.

“He Feeds Them with Himself” – medieval rhyme.

“Rahab Was a Figure of the Church”

“The Cosmos Fights for the Just” – Nature doesn’t hate us.

“Thank a Papal Critic” – All things in moderation, of course.

“Talitha Koum/Tabitha Koum” – I like this connection a lot, but I’m not sure I presented it well.

“Not Exactly a Seamless Garment” – One of my first memes, and you can tell I didn’t understand the template. I should probably redo it, but I don’t care enough. (Yes, I’m lazy.)

“ADHD in Medieval Ireland” – Technically not a meme.

“St. Peter’s Is Great Pumpkin Central” – Another infographic.

“Bible = Library = Wine Cellar”

“Chair-ubs and Table-ubs” – Infographic with joke.

“Old St. Peter’s in Rome, Iconostasis” – Infographic.

“Biblical Multihorned Sheep” – Infographic. Useful for the Book of Revelation or for Christmastime.

“The Soul Should Make Herself a Car for God” – Probably needs better presentation.

“Wheeled Throne of Sargon II” – Infographic with joke.

“Apponius as a Goth” – Sadly, “night ravens” don’t look like ravens.

“Aquinas’ Handwriting” – Fresh off the Photoshop.

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  1. The “Harsh papal critic” one is great. šŸ˜€

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