Fashion Crimes, for Real

A fairly long collection of the crimes of a Chinese fast fashion company and app, SheIn.

Yes, there’s a shadier Chinese company than or Temu. Nothing like slave labor, lead paint, and stealing your data, as well as stealing designs.

The sad thing is that any non-shady companies in China have to compete with the shady ones, and are prone to forcibly being taken over by the CCP or forced to pay a cut to every greedy official who hears about them. A lot of Chinese are trying desperately to raise money to get out of the country or have gotten out; and a lot of companies are laying off workers; so a lot of companies may no longer have that one guy who tried to keep things safe.

Bonus expose: SerpentZa, the ex-South African guy from China Adv. talks about how his stint as an English teacher in China turned into a cultish nightmare. Spoiler alert: this company is still operating.

Another bonus expose: The recent giant jump in rich or middle-class Chinese illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican and Canadian borders to get into the US, or crossing from the US to get into Canada. Apparently if you pay enough and in volume, you get treated better by the cartels.

The China Adv channel started as a channel about traveling around China on motorcycles, doing cool things, and now is famous for The China Show, a long news show that covers all sorts of China news.

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