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CIA Director John Brennan Admits Communist Past

And we wonder why the CIA can’t catch moles.

Yes, the CIA Director used to be a Commie, voting Communist during the Cold War. And he revealed this. And they still hired his pathetic butt.

And what’s worse — he passes it off as a funny story.

And no, he doesn’t have some kind of dramatic Whitaker Chambers-style conversion story, or even a realization that he was being a juvenile tool. Nope, it’s a funny story. Laugh, proles, laugh.

Our news media is ridiculous.

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The Petty Habits of Losers

I recently learned that a certain Republican Women’s Club in Greene County has directed its members not to write the standard congratulation letters to Republicans who won the primary or who won posts in the state Republican Party — if they are connected with the Tea Party in any way — even if they had been members of this particular club for many years. Nor is this a new club policy, one understands.

Really? Could you be any more passive-aggressive and petty?

Basically, you’re saying “we support Republicans whom we like, but we won’t even be civil to lifelong Republicans we don’t like. In fact, we will be less civil than we would be to Democratic Party members.” (And indeed, this club has invited Democrats who have county jobs to come speak, and treated them with hospitality and friendliness.)

If you want to lose both elections and political influence, this is the way to go.

If you don’t want to represent Republican women who vote and run, this is the way to go.

Be serious about party politics and binding yourselves to work together to win, or go home and lose on your own time.

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“Good Order and Happiness”

There have always been rules about being admitted into the US and about becoming a citizen; and the basic principle for both is that you can’t come into the US if you’re an enemy. (Unless you’re covered under diplomatic rules; and even that usually isn’t allowed in time of war, except maybe for purposes of peace negotiations.)

Here’s the text of my great-great-great’s naturalization papers.

State of Ohio, Darke County, SS.

Court of Common Pleas, _October_ Term, 185_7_.

Be it Remembered, That _Cornelius O’Brien,_ a native of _Ireland,_ and now a resident of this county, has this day come into Court, and made application to be fully Naturalized and to become a citizen of the United States; and it appearing to the satisfaction of this Court that the said _Cornelius O’Brien_ did on the _22nd_ day of _July,_ A. D. 18_54,_ declare his intention to become a citizen of the UNITED STATES.

And this Court being satisfied by the oaths of _John Shayne & Michael Hamish,_ that the said _C. O’Brien_ has resided within the United States five years, that he is of good moral character, that he is attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same, and the said _C. O’Brien,_ being admitted by this Court, took the oath to support the Constitution of the United States of America and that he doth now absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatsoever, and particularly to _Victoria, Queen of Great Britain & Ireland._

This is Therefore to Certify, That the said _Cornelius O’Brien_ has complied with the laws of the United States, in such case made and provided, and he is therefore admitted to be a citizen of the United States.

In Testimony Whereof, I hereunto set my hand, and affix the seal of said Court at Greenville, this _8th_ day of _October,_ A. D. 185_7._

_S. H. Robison,_
Clerk Court Common Pleas, Darke Co., Ohio.

So there you go. He had to be of good moral character – ie, not a criminal or a layabout. He had to believe and stand by the US Constitution and its principles, and to swear to support it. He had to be “well disposed” to law and order under the Constitution, and to the happiness of all the states united under it. He also had to swear that he renounced all foreign allegiances (since he wasn’t eligible for a dual citizenship) to all other forms of government. Since he was an Irish nationalist who allegedly fled Ireland rather abruptly, renouncing Ireland was a big deal for him. (Renouncing Queen Victoria, not so much!) Since he ended up fighting as a volunteer for the Union a few years later, you can see that he didn’t take his new allegiance lightly.

There was a time when folks in the US thought that maybe Catholics had a temporal and political allegiance to the Pope as the temporal head of the Papal States, and later, as the temporal head of Vatican City. This was eventually ironed out, mostly by Catholics showing their loyalties through their actions, and through being Catholic and American both. (Some Catholics may have gone too far in taking their religion out of the public square, which of course was unwise.)

If Muslims want to be citizens of the US, they can’t pledge allegiance to any present-day caliphate or be working for such a thing. If people decide they want to be loyal to another government, there is such a thing as renouncing one’s citizenship and leaving. Otherwise, you need to buckle down, and be a good citizen of the US and demonstrate the civic virtues.

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The Redemption of Warren J. Harding

As young Democrats and leftists at Princeton have suddenly discovered the horrendous racism of Woodrow Wilson, Powerline advocates that historians finally rediscover that President Warren J. Harding, crusading newspaper editor, was also a crusader for civil rights while in the White House.

Harding was trying hard to repair the segregation imposed by Wilson on previously equal opportunity federal programs, and to hire black people and minorities as civil servants to replace those fired by Wilson without any cause besides skin color. His early death and his family’s Victorian concern with privacy made it easy for Democrats to smear his character and sweep his achievements under the rug.

My father points out that, as they did with Lincoln and even with Hoover, the Democrats spread rumors that Harding was for civil rights because he was a man of black ancestry passing as white. The major difference was that apparently some Ohioans felt there was substance to this rumor, but didn’t care either way.

From Harding’s speech at Birmingham, Alabama, on October 27, 1921, in front of a hostile audience:

“I want to see the time come when black men will regard themselves as full participants in the benefits and duties of American citizens. We cannot go on, as we have gone on for more than half a century, with one great section of our population . . . set off from real contribution to solving national issues, because of a division on race lines.”

From his book Nationalism and Americanism, 1920:

“It would be a sorry day for this republic if we allowed our activities in seeking for peace in the Old World to blind us to the essentials of peace at home. We want a free America again. We want America free at home, and free in the world. We want to silence the outcry of nation against nation, in the fullness of understanding, and we wish to silence the cry of class against class, and stifle the party appeal to class, so that we may ensure tranquility in our own freedom.

“If I could choose but one, I had rather have industrial and social peace at home, than command the international peace of all the world.”

And Martin Luther King was a Republican. Pass it on.

UPDATE: Wilson advocated that schools drop American history and civics and start teaching “social studies” – in order to teach leftism and collectivism with federal funds.

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Feminists Declare Images of Armed Women Offensive

So there’s this space scientist heading up the comet landing Rosetta/Philae mission.

And he wears a joke Hawaiian shirt that has science fiction secret agent women, laserguns in hand, wearing swimsuits, evening gowns, and a spylady catsuit, as well as hanging out with some female-form robots. It’s a riff on the more traditional hula girls. (And heck, hula dancers are women dance artists spreading indigenous culture, so there’s nothing wrong with them.) But yeah, basically women who look ready to defend their planet from the scum of the universe and have a good time doing it.

And feminists declare it offensive, and a sign that women are unwelcome. They drive the mild-mannered, friendly scientist to a press conference. A man of brain and fun is made full of tears and shame on what should have been his day of triumph.

Feminists want to erase an image of a female with power, because…reasons. Alleged feminist icon Emma Peel need not apply. She isn’t wanted by a generation of feminist whiners.

The media do not interview any of this man’s many female colleagues, because they know perfectly well that the ladies of the space agencies are a tough-minded bunch, and because they don’t want to see the ladies’ pinups of real and bishonen anime men.

I think it’s pretty clear that this is a continuation of anti-Gamergate activities, albeit under another name. I’ve been known to complain about images of scantily clad women, but this is getting ridiculous. A tastefully done joke shirt is going to make me think that my coworker or boss wants all of us (including women) to laugh, and we will. Nobody is going to feel threatened by it. If somebody in the office didn’t like it, they’d mention it or ask him to slip on a jacket… or they’d bring in the shirt with wiry, muscly bishonen guys in Speedos with long hair and sparkles and cherry blossoms floating in the air, and watch his head explode and then laugh. This is what normal people do.

They do not ask officious strangers, who are watching as guests, to be arbiters of their behavior in a stressful, full brain power environment that desperately needs leavening by humor.

They do not ask for drive-by sexual harassment in the guise of complaints. But deciding that somebody else is dressing provocatively, and then harassing them about it to the point that their job is endangered, is sexual harassment.

The job isn’t done. But a man has been destroyed. Yay! We feel safer!

UPDATE: There’s a similar shirt made out of the same fabric pattern, sold by a woman artist.  But this particular scientist’s shirt was given to him by tattoo artist Elly Prizeman, thanking him for being best man at her wedding. It’s the man’s lucky shirt. (Now cursed by Rose Eveleth’s bitchiness, I guess.) So yeah, women are making and selling and giving a shirt that’s sooooo offensive to women! We must all be gender traitors, oh no!

I’m sure you men out there are offended by Alohaland’s similar pin-up Hawaiian shirt showing a completely topless cowboy….

Of course, you realize that this means we will never get to watch this sort of live footage ever again. The space agencies have learned their lesson: hide from the public, because trolls and sexual harassers lurk out there.


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Election Results re: Patrick Ruffini

Patrick Ruffini tweeted:

Tonight, the GOP has elected to Congress:

The youngest woman

1st black woman Republican

1st Southern black Senator

1st woman from Iowa

Yep, I still don’t know how folks embed pictures of tweets. But anyway, this requires some annotation for accuracy.

“1st Southern black Senator” — since Reconstruction! (The black Southern Senators back then were Republicans too, of course.)

Senator Hiram Rhodes Revels, (R) Mississippi. Freeborn. Barber, AME minister, Civil War chaplain, organized 2 regiments of soldiers for the Union. Took office: Feb. 23, 1870. Left office: March 3, 1871 at the end of his senatorial term. (He was filling an empty slot created by the resignation of Senator Albert C. Brown when Mississippi seceded. He was not elected by popular vote, but his appointment was voted upon by the Mississippi legislature.)

Blanche Kelso Bruce, (R) Mississippi. Manumitted slave. Attended college at Oberlin. Printer’s devil, schoolteacher, steamboat porter, school principal, farmer and landowner. Took office: March 4, 1875. Left office: March 3, 1881. Full-term senator.

Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback, (R) Louisiana. Freeborn. Cabin boy, hotel porter. Organized a Union regiment of Louisiana free blacks who had served in the Louisiana militia before the Civil War and was commissioned a captain. Organized his local ward’s Republicans after the war. Louisiana state senator and state Senate President pro tempore. Newspaper owner. Director of New Orleans public schools. Acting governor of Louisiana. Elected to the US House and Senate simultaneously. Conceded the House seat in order to serve as a Senator. Elected senator, but never seated, due to an incredibly disputed election.

Moving to the present day:

Tim Scott is currently junior senator for South Carolina (R), but as an appointment by the governor to fill a slot. But yes, yesterday he won his Senate seat by election and indeed, became the first elected black Senator in the South since Reconstruction.

Re: the honorable ladies listed up above, you can read about all the female Republican newbies in this article.

Just as an aside:

It was pretty amusing that when that roots show last week revealed that Valerie Jarrett had as maternal ancestor one  Charles E. Nash, a black Louisiana congressman, Gates went out of his way never to say the word “Republican.” Srsly?

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Allan Drury EBOOKS!

Thanks to Baen Books, you can now buy a $7.99 ebook of Allan Drury’s greatest novel of American politics, Advise and Consent. Based on real events in the Senate during WWII, but timeshifted into the Fifties, this is the story of men and women who love America, work hard for her, but have very different ideas about her. How far can a president go in pursuit of his goals? How far can the Legislative Branch push back? Is it fair for people to consider your past when you’re considered for a job in the present? And what do you do if you are blackmailed about your deepest secrets?

Advise and Consent. It’s been unobtainium for years! If you’ve never read it, read it now.

Here it is at Baen, and here it is on Amazon. You might also keep an eye out for the acclaimed movie. Drury’s nonfiction book Senate Diary lets you know the true-life version; though of course those people are not the same people as in the novel, and don’t live in the same world.

Keep an eye out for further ebooks. Advise and Consent is the first of a long series about these characters. It turns into sf and alternate worlds along the way, even without deserting the world of political fiction, so Baen isn’t cheating on its basic mission!

If you would like some standalone fun, Baen also has Decision (his big Supreme Court novel) and Mark Coffin, U.S.S. (a novel about a junior US senator). Those ebooks haven’t been posted on Amazon yet. They’re also $7.99. Not superduper classics, but Drury novels are always fun and interesting reads. (Here’s Decision on Amazon, and here’s Mark Coffin, U.S.S. on Amazon.)

If you know you’re going to want all three Drurys and you also want some sf, check out this month’s Wordfire Press Bundle for only $37.94. Beside the Drurys, you’ll also get some Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, and Kevin Anderson. Not my favorite writers personally, but obviously all very solid.

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