Talk about St. Thomas Aquinas Iconography Streams Tonight

It’s the 2015 Aquinas Lecture, from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology.

“Saint Thomas Aquinas in Art and Legend: An Iconographic Study of the Angelic Doctor” by Michael Morris, Order of Preachers. (That’s “Dominican friar,” to the rest of us.)

It’s at 7:30 PM in Berkeley, California, so that’s 10:30 Eastern/9:30 Central.

Yep, a traditional Catholic talk streamed from Berkeley, like a breath from the old days before the hippies came. Somewhere, Anthony Boucher is smiling. :)

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St. Therese’s Mom and Dad Will Be Canonized This Year

The Holy See announced that their canonization miracle has been approved.

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Star Blazers: Survival Tool

A great essay about Star Blazers on Boston afternoons after school.

We watched it in the early morning before school, but yes, it was that awesome.

From the comments:

You might be surprised to learn that the show was originally supposed to be called Star Force. There was a recorded theme and everything, then re-recorded as Star Blazers. As I recall, Desslok was originally Hissler (too much like Hitler) then Deathler (too much death) and then Desslok. We at Splice is Nice only received 16mm negative which was physically cut to match our edited work prints, so the resolution is not nearly what it could have been today. Yeah the English dubbing is campy. The Wave Motion gun is awesome. I created the sound effect for that, from a degausser and mouth imitation combined…

-Chuck Penn.


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In Re: “Maria Auxiliadora”

Maria Auxiliatrice (Mary the Helper) is the Italian name for Mary, Help of Christians. (The Latin title is Maria Auxilium Christianorum.)

The simpler version of the title is particularly associated with Don Bosco’s Salesian orders, because the order’s first church was Maria Auxiliatrice, and Don Bosco had a special devotion to her.

Don Bosco taught people to do a very simple novena:

For nine days, say:

Three Our Fathers, three Hail Mary’s, three Glory Be’s, and one Hail Holy Queen.

After the end of the novena, do a work of charity as a thanksgiving.

The feast of Mary Help of Christians is May 24th, in commemoration of the pope’s return to Rome in 1814 after being held captive by Napoleon.

Don Bosco: A Sketch of His Life and Miracles has a lot of interesting material in it, including the story of Don Bosco’s mysterious dog, Il Grigio, and Don Bosco’s many narrow escapes from death.

People tend to slide right past miracles when it comes to modern saints known for their charity; but historically, miracles tend to come thick and fast in charitable ministries. There’s no reason to be ashamed of God’s charismatic gifts. Considering how many religious orders and charitable institutions only manage to get along by trusting inĀ  God’s providence, why wouldn’t this be so?


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Strike Back at the Occult! Play Italian Card Games!

I found a couple of fun apps for Italian card games, using the Italian/French/Spanish deck design that has been twisted into the occult “Tarot” cards. So you can strike a blow against divination by having fun!

Obviously not everybody plays cards in Lent… but hey, it’ll be waiting for you after Lent, too!

(These are Kindle Fire apps, but I’m pretty sure they have other versions for other tablets and phones.)

There are four suits:
Gold coins (which became our red diamonds)
Batons (as in big wooden sticks – they became our clubs)
Swords (which became our spades)
Cups (which became our hearts)

Briscola HD: La Brisca – a fun modern relative of bezique that can be played with a standard US deck (minus some cards) or an Italian 40-card deck. Popular in Italy, Spain, and Puerto Rico.

Scopa is another Italian card game.

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Good Catholic Parishes in Colorado Springs?

Well, obviously all Catholic parishes are good! But I have a friend who’s between parishes, and would like some help finding one for herself and her family. So if you have a favorite parish in Colorado Springs, tell me about it in the comments!

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Roman Gamers

“Ludentes vario exercent praelia talo”

Gamers run battles with the changing die.

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