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Seldom-Contemplated Consequences of the General Resurrection

We will probably experience the redemption of Creation personally, after the resurrection of the dead — and not just watching the lion lay down with the lamb and the baby play with cobras, or possibly in seeing our puppies and kitties created anew in the New Jerusalem, new heavens, and new earth.

Human bodies do have all kinds of critters living inside them, after all — not just as incidental visitors, but as real integral parts of how we work. Stinkiness and imbalances of numbers may be consequences of the Fall, but the body’s ecosystem itself seems far too reasonable to have been a Plan B by God. Indeed, it seems to be one of the few echoes of life in Eden — a largely peaceful fellowship with tiny living things, mostly working for our good.

So logically, if we are resurrected and receive our bodies anew as resurrection bodies, we can also expect all the little critters inside us to live as resurrected little mini gardens of Eden inside us. They will probably also not need to eat and be otherwise new and improved, but we will still probably be their best idea of the perfect place to live.

So be good, if only for the happiness of all your gastrointestinal bacteria! They would be very sad to lose you to Hell. 🙂

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A Fairly Obvious Patristics Observation

I’ve been reading St. Cyprian’s Treatise I: On the Unity of the Church. From Pope Benedict XVI’s clarification letter about lifting the excommunications of the SSPX bishops, it’s pretty clear that he’s been reading it too. The reference to the tree being cut off from its roots — that’s a direct reference to one of the treatise’s running motifs.

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Sorta Kinda Back

I’m not well yet, but they’ve moved my arm into a different kind of cast. It’s nice to have my arm out of the sling, but OTOH, I’m deprived of using the sling as a sort of crane….

As I’ve been telling people, it’s all an opportunity for spiritual growth. Yeah. That’s it. 🙂

I have a new computer now, which seems to be working well. I don’t have regular Internet access, though.

Thanks for all your good wishes!


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