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12 Tips for Every Drinker

If you respect alcohol as a God-given foodstuff and chemical, and if you respect your own body’s God-given limits and don’t try to push yourself (or others) into crazy drinking, you’ll probably stay out of trouble. This is pretty much the basic theme of Twelve Tips for Every Drinker. Via Ace of Spades.

Contains an eensy pinch of heresy/bad formation in #11, mostly because the guy is touching on a subject far too deep for the space alloted. Ignore the heresy and just take the man’s basic point.

I think this stems from his weird idea in #3, which is that one always drinks to lubricate oneself for socializing. The man must be joking, because socializing already takes all one’s brainpower, and alcohol doesn’t make one smarter. You drink alcohol because it tastes good and is pleasant, just like you eat chocolate, and because it is fun. People having fun aren’t usually “better versions of themselves”; they are just versions having fun. It’s easier to impress slightly stupider people having fun, maybe, or at least they may be feeling kinder; but Drinking won’t make you a better person; make sure you’re not a worse. Take that as #13.

Still, you can tell this is a contemporary man’s article… because he doesn’t warn you not to let anybody touch your drink. “Don’t let anyone touch your drink” ought to be #14.

Ladies, watch your drink. If you leave your table, either take your drink with you, finish it off, or never drink from it again. I’m not telling you to be paranoid; if you make it a normal practice, you won’t have to be paranoid.

Gentlemen, don’t get complacent. Rohypnol and other Mickey Finns will also work on you; and even if you don’t get raped (which you could be!), getting robbed and rolled isn’t particularly pleasant. Many of our forebears wound up dead or shanghaied because they didn’t watch their drink.

And of course, there’s #15 — A friend’s place and a good beverage store are a lot cheaper than a bar, so you and your friends can afford to drink better, more enjoyable stuff. Maybe there’ll be fewer people yelling in your ear and less TV.

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Canadian Knowhow for the World

We hear a lot of bad stuff coming out of Canada. Here’s some good stuff for the New Year, about the making and selling of possibly the world’s cheapest tablet, for India and other countries.

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If you have QR code (you know, the funky barcodes in a square) scanning apps on your phone, make sure you’ve got one that lets you look at the link and confirm, before you go there.

Anyone can make and print out a QR code, and hackers are making sure some of them lead to malware pages and other Very Bad Things.

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Singer Kaye Stevens Dies

I don’t know much about her career, but she hailed from Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Apparently she was a fairly famous singer for many years and did a long stint in Vegas as well. According to her website, she was a non-denominational Christian (a bit on the Pentecostal side, a bit on the Schuller side, too — there’s a mix for you), and also had a ministry of singing Christian songs. In recent years, she worked together with Florida’s Catholic Community Television Network (CCTN) to create a non-denominational Christian variety show; and she raised money for the building of St. Vincent’s Catholic Church in Margate, Florida.

May perpetual light shine upon her.

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Prayer Request

Every so often, I ask myself whether anything I’ve done has really mattered, or whether the things I have done as an Internet citizen have done more toward harm than good. But every so often, because I’m pretty weak and need this sort of thing, the good Lord must put it into people’s heads to send a thank you comment.

Here’s one that came into my old podcast/audiobook site last week, while I was at my parents’ house. (Guess the good Lord wants me to use the new microphone for more than making family Christmas CDs.)

Thank you so much for the time and effort you’ve put into these recordings. Originally, I downloaded a few for my husband, a cradle Catholic, to listen to after he had a series of strokes. Listening to them with him, praying the Rosary with him and being present when Communion to him weekly, I began to long for more and am now a new convert. Thank you so much!

Please pray for this lady and her husband. I am humbled to have been used by the Lord to help them along on their pilgrimage to Him. And I’m glad to see that there are so many valiant, joyful people out there, when the world tells us that life is nothing but boredom and grief.


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Okay, so I’m listening to a presentation (on a proprietary jobsearch site that my former employer set us up with, so I can’t link it). The speaker was talking all Northern Cities, and he was probably from somewhere around New York or something.

Anyway, this guy suddenly describes something as “ahnimated”. Not in a British pronunciation, but in Northern Cities. It sounded like some kind of bleed-off from the way most of those folks now say “ahnt” or “ont” instead of aunt with an ash-sound, like the rest of us. (Or even more, a bleed-off from pronouncing anime “ah-nime”, as some do, resisting the Americanizing ash-sound of a short a.)

So is this the leading edge of a trend, or some kind of outlier or simple mistake? Hmmm. Inquiring minds want to know.

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Feeling Better about My Obsessive Search to Find Out Mrs. Gingrich’s Vocal Part

On another site, I sorta… um… spent way too much time in the comment box reporting my search for… what part Callista Gingrich sings in the choir at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Not because it’s a political thing, but because Wikipedia didn’t include this obviously-important piece of info.

Well, today my choir geekiness has apparently been vindicated, because back on the 15th, the Washington Post had a big story about the tensions of singing in a choir for God while doing all this candidate wife stuff, and about the relationship of Mr. Gingrich’s conversion to Mrs. Gingrich’s singing. There’s angst about what happens if you lose one of your experienced altos. There’s choir culture. And then, it’s a big old sacred music ponder-fest, spending lots of time with the choir director.

Whether or not you like the Gingriches (and hey, lots of choirmembers are not super-likeable or super-virtuous people in some aspect of life, though choir often makes us try to be), this is an important story for understanding things like the new liturgical movement. Or, you know, sacred music. There’s a world of difference between concert Mass performance and singing Mass music as part of actual Mass.

Via Get Religion, with a post by another choir geek.

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