Prayers for Katrina Fernandez!

The Crescat is sick in the hospital with bad chest pains. She is getting a stent. Please pray for her!

Also pray for her son and her family, as this is probably pretty worrying for all of them.

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What I’ve Been Doing

Working at my part-time job at Sam’s Club.

Yeah, pretty much that’s it. I go to work, I work, I come home, I take a shower and then take pain relievers for my aching feet and legs and back. Eventually I sleep. Then I get up and go to work.

On my days off, I try to get things done, but generally I just recover.

The major difficulty is that one has to stay hydrated while working in the fairly warmish kitchen area. However, I have now gotten used to it and have stopped sweating like a pig all the time.

It is also awesome for my sinuses. Yup, all those steaming concessions machines are a healing thing. I haven’t had a sinus headache for almost half a month. Sometimes I feel a bit of sinus pressure at home, but that’s it. Obviously I need a hot dog machine in my house, running all the time.

I’ve also gotten a bit more energetic, so instead of dragging my butt home and immediately going to bed (sometimes without even having the appetite to eat), I’m able to sit here and make a blog posting.

I’m still editing Part 2 of Commentary on the Apocalypse.

I’m still working on my Secret Novel Project.

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Jamie Lee Curtis, Cosplayer

Jamie Lee Curtis goes incognito to a convention for fight videogames, along with her whole family. Praises the gaming community as fun company.

Of course, she had spent time with the horror fandom community as a young actress, so I think she’s comfortable with the whole concept of attending conventions.

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In Which the Banshee Realizes the Blindingly Obvious.

Much as I love my rice cooker, it tends to overflow if I’m cooking anything sticky. Rice pudding is particularly prone to this.

Now I have learned the blindingly obvious – one can make puddings and cheesecakes and sticky rice porridges in the crockpot, which has much higher walls. Apparently tapioca pudding is a particularly good crockpot food, because that way you don’t have to stir your arm off.

Sigh. Yeah, I should have thought of that before.

This crockpot cobbler looks good, but you’d have to eat it with ice cream. Not a big fan of hot food in the summer.


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Fr. Z Puts Up a Nice Mass Proper for the Feast of St. Elijah


“….on this solemn feast of blessed Elijah, your Prophet and our father: who, at your word, arose like fire, closed the sky, raised the dead, smote the tyrants, killed the impious, and laid the foundations of the monastic life….”

All the Carmelite orders take inspiration from St. Elijah (the order of friars was first founded by a guy living on Mount Carmel in imitation of Elijah), so this is a big feast for them.

Carmelite readings and prayers for the Feast of St. Elijah. In English. :)

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More Anime I’m Watching

Charlotte: In a world where some adolescent kids get superpowers that fade away when they become adults, kids with powers are hunted down and tested to destruction by evil science organizations. The only sanctuary in Japan is Star Sea Academy (Hoshino Umi Gakuen), where teenagers with powers and pre-teens who might develop them live in heavily guarded dorm apartments. And it’s the Student Council’s job to use their powers to punish evil mutants and convince good ones to come live with Professor Xavier and join the X-Men … er… transfer to Hoshino Umi on scholarships. Yeah.

The powers are pretty interesting and have considerable disads as well as advantages. For some strange reason, the speedster (or the translator) calls his power “teleportation.” There’s a mysterious benefactor whom we don’t know, and the reason for the title of the anime is also unrevealed.

(Yeah, it’s an almost exact reversal of the Marian title and common Catholic school name “Star of the Sea,” which in Japanese is “Umi no Hoshi.” The “star sea” in question would presumably be space. So yeah, no bizarre anime superpowered novice nuns, or anything like that.)

Symphogear: The third season of anime set in a world where one controls battlesuits and their powers by singing J-Pop songs. What can I say? It’s charming and amusing, and it needs no explanation.

School-Live! aka Gakkou Gurashi!: A dark but cheerful satire on school shows. In a town infested with zombies, three girls, one woman teacher, and a puppy have turned their school into a fortress. But one of the girls has retreated from reality by deciding it’s all just a nifty club for “school living,” so the others keep up a facade of normality to help keep her safe (and also helps them keep up their own spirits). But there’s real danger and mayhem, so don’t relax too far.

This is one of those weird shows that is mostly slice of life, but punctuated by moments of terror and pity. I have no idea where it’s going, but it’s worth watching. Wonderduck will be blogging it.

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Peppermint for Getting Rid of Kidney Stones

Strong doses of peppermint tea (like steeping two or three teabags for a while) can help get rid of kidney stones. I read this, and now I can tell you that it works, and does it within a day or two. (I bought Twining’s. It’s quality stuff.)

The important safety warning for women — peppermint tea and peppermint oil can also trigger your hormones to bring on menstruation faster by making your uterus relax and let go when it’s not time yet. I can also tell you this is true, and it was very startling. (Other mint plants don’t do this, as far as I know.)

So if you are pregnant, be very careful about using peppermint oil or peppermint tea. Normal amounts of normal-strength peppermint tea or peppermint foods are okay for people not prone to miscarriage.

We don’t think of it as a drug-level natural substance, but it is.

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