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Goth-ier Than Thou

The Morrigan’s cocktail hat, or a good way to test any comparisons of your hair to a raven’s wing, or perhaps an invisible Gondorian helmet with visible attachments.

Also, a hat for the woman who’s got everything, including the Rod of Wonder.

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May 30: St. Joan of Arc’s Day

The Latin hymns for today are pretty nice.

Hostium Victrix: hymn for Lauds

Hostium victrix, properante cursu,
Carolum ad sanctam comitaris ædem,
Ut triumphantem sacra rite signet
Unctio regem.

Gaudio fundens lacrimas, Ioanna,
Principi plaudis : Domino rependis
Debitas grates, retinesque dexta
Nobile signum.

Erigens longa populum ruina,
Mira fecisti, generosa virgo:
Iure te nostræ patriæ parentem
Sæcla vocabunt!

Sed manet maior meliorque merces:
Te novus poscit labor et triumphus:
Te Deus mittens, dabit ipse vires
Atque coronam.

Qui dedit presso populo salutem,
Laude ter sanctum Dominum colamus,
Semper ut tantæ meritis patronæ
Gallia vivat. Amen.

O foemen’s victrix, hastening thy footsteps,
You escort Charles into the holy shrine church,
So that triumphant, he be sealed with sacred
Unction of kingship.

Joyfully shedding tear on tear, o St. Joan,
praising the prince and paying the Lord all thanks
That have been owed Him, holding in thy right hand
Thy noble banner.

Raising a people from their long downfalling,
Look at what you’ve done, o generous virgin!
Ages will call thee mother of our homeland,
With every reason!

But there remains a greater, better payback.
New labor asks for thee, and a new triumph.
God sends it to thee, giving thee strength for it
And then a crown.

He gave salvation to His hard-pressed people,
Let us give praise then to the Lord, thrice holy.
Ever by this great patroness’ merits,
May France live. Amen.

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Memorial Day

We remember, and we thank them.

We went up to the cemetery today to visit our dead and plant some flags at the graves of the veterans among them. I’ve been watching the Memorial Day parade in DC, which has been very nice. There have been a lot of memorial events and Masses today also, but we mostly stayed home.

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“Martyrum Virtus”: Hymn to the Martyrs of Gorcum

Martyrum virtus validumque robur,
Palma victorum, decus et corona,
Christe Rex, tanti memorum triumphi
Vocibus adsis.

O martyr’s strength and power of men mighty,
Palm of the victor and his crown and glory,
O Christ the King, recalling such a triumph,
Be with our voices.

Hac die sacra populus fidelis
Milites Christi, fidei columnas,
Agmen invictum celebrare digno
Carmine gestit.

This holy day, we sing His faithful people,
Christ’s peaceful soldiers, our faith’s marble pillars,
Army unconquered. To give worthy honor
We’re glad and eager.

Inter hos Ordo merito Minorum
Undecim claros recolit sodales,
Qui sua primi meruere mortem
Tollere palmas.

With the deserving, from the Friars Minor
Eleven famous Recollect companions,
Who were their first men to deserve death’s guerdon,
To take the palm branch.

Fervidi sacro pietatis igne,
Pabulum praebent populo salutis;
Nec minae terrent: Deus ipse corda
Providus afflat.

Piety’s holy fire burning hotly,
They were the fuel for their people’s salvation.
Nor did threats scare them. Helping their hearts’ blazing,
God blew upon them.

Sit Patri virtus, honor et potestas;
Filio sit laus parilis per aevum;
Flamini Sancto resonent perenni
Cantica voce.

Be to the Father virtue, honor, power;
And to the Son be likewise praise for ever;
And to the Holy Breath, resound unending
In chanting voices.

Source: the 1922 Cantuale Romano-Seraphicum. Translation by me.

* “Recollect” (recolit) was the name of the specific group of Franciscans in Gorcum, according to Butler’s Lives of the Saints.

* This is poetic talk about their eagerness to serve God, not literal death in a fire. They were hung/lynched in a shed.

* “Flamen” is a poetic word for wind or breath, as well as a word for a Roman priest. So of course it got taken over as a poetic name for the Holy Spirit.

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The Martyrs of Gorcum

Basically a random bunch of religious and priests, grabbed up by the Sea Beggars of the Netherlands, and lynched by them against the direct orders of William the Silent. Oh, and first they put them on display as a freak show for whoever would pay to see them. Their feastday is July 9, and there are hymns for them in the traditions of the various orders to which they belonged. There’s also a separate feast in the Dominican calendar for St. John of Gorcum (Joannes van Hoornaer aka John of Cologne), a Dominican who went to bring them the Sacraments and got arrested himself. He gets his own (very similar) hymns.

“Martyrum virtus validumque robur” is apparently an adaptation of the hymn of the same name, which was written for St. Maurice and the Theban Legion out on the ice in Switzerland. It includes a Franciscan shoutout. “Nocte jam vulsa” (or “pulsa”) is apparently a Dominican hymn, and original.

The nephew of the Franciscan Br. Nicolas Pieck became the (then-famous) apologist and commentator on Paul, Willem Hessels van Est (aka Estius). He also wrote Historia Martyrum Gorcomiensum, as a tribute to the faithful dead.

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Missing Mass of the Universe – Found?

Astrophysicists had made predictions about it, but it took an aerospace engineering student to do the work….

An upcoming paper by a Monash University undergrad (her name’s Amelia Fraser-McKelvie) will announce finding measurable proof that the universe’s “missing mass” is at least partly clustering in filaments between the galaxies. She did it during a summer internship.

This is so darned cool. Go Australia!) I guess it was all over the news yesterday, but it’s cool enough for two days’ attention, surely. 🙂

Here’s a story about it from Sydney, with a picture of the hometown hero/intern. Has that determined pioneer woman look. Here’s another article from the same paper with a smile photo.

What I’m not seeing covered is exactly what data they were using. X-ray astronomy of some kind, apparently. Oh, well, it’s clear that she was doing typical data analysis gruntwork. When she found anomalous stuff coming up, she told the professors. This is exactly how the scientific method is supposed to work.

(It’s also clear that the profs are the reasonable type who aren’t afraid to share credit in public.)

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Go Go Power Rangers Money

Haim Saban, (Egyptian-born Jewish financier, Hollywood producer, and former composer and soundtrack guy), has publically announced that he doesn’t mean to give money to Obama any more. But he’s says he’s still a Democrat and will still raise money for other Democrats.

Saban is perhaps best known as the producer/executive producer of the longrunning Power Rangers series, an American adaptation of the Japanese Dai-ranger sentai team franchise. I can’t think of any other Hollywood composer guys who have become producer guys, much less financiers, so he must be really really good at finance, running and persuading; but I’ve never heard what his story was. (Other than that he’s a real yellow dog Democrat, so losing him is a Bad Thing for Obama.)

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