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The AP Doesn’t Understand This “Reburial” Concept….

Over the weekend, Canon Copernicus’ recently rediscovered remains (found in their honorable, but as usual for people not paying for conspicuousness, unmarked grave under the floor of the cathedral where he served) were moved to a new tomb in the cathedral, as is suitable to his posthumous fame. The AP freaks out.

Putting a book on the Index was not the same as declaring it heretical. It was a sort of product safety label, telling people not to trust the book without any reservations. Serious students could read them, although in religious orders, they had to get permission from superiors. (But then, in religious orders, you sign up for that obedience stuff.) Books got put on the Index for various reasons, mostly moral and not doctrinal. It didn’t happen to every book with objectionable features; it was about a book being influential but misleading.

In the case of Copernicus’ book, apparently several decades after his death it was put on the Index temporarily, until various religious statements made in the book could be “corrected”. (This being the Vatican, this took several centuries.) The information in the book was not itself forbidden, and by that time there were many other physics books passing the info along about Copernican heliocentrism.

So no, Copernicus wasn’t in an unmarked grave of disgrace and horror. If they’d thought he was a heretic, they wouldn’t have buried him in consecrated ground, much less in the beating heart of the diocese. They just buried him like any normal canon of the cathedral, as was apparently his wish; and now they’ve reburied him like a famous man of achievement, which is what posterity has decided is fitting and he doesn’t get to argue with. 🙂


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Chinese Guy Sings Whitney Houston

Apparently this was a big Chinese internet meme back in April…. It’s from some sort of Chinese version of American Idol.

Anyway, the song starts about the 1:20 mark.

Via Desu ex Machina. (Yes, that’s spelled correctly. It’s a pun thing.)

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Parish Surprise on Staten Island – From Convent to Mosque

Fr. Keith Fennessy, pastor of the Staten Island parish of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, has found a sure way to unite all his neighbors and parishioners. In righteous wrath, that is.

After telling people he was going to sell a big old disused convent on parish property on a residential street to some home developers, he decided instead to sell the convent to a Muslim organization planning to turn it into a community center and mosque. Without asking anyone. Without telling anyone until the papers were signed. For an amount that’s at least $200,000 below the current market value.

Nobody seems happy about it. Parishioners are angry, because their grandparents didn’t scrimp and save to build a convent so that it could be turned into a mosque. (And for cheap.) Locals are angry because parking is already horrible and the streets congested, and they don’t need more people flocking to a mosque set in a residential neighborhood. And just to make it better, the convent’s on a street renamed Egan for a fire captain who died on 9/11.

It seems that Father wanted to be neighborly to the local Muslim community. But… there’s neighborly and neighborly. Selling ground meant for Christ’s use, so that people who deny Christ’s divinity can use it for worship, is not neighborly. It’s imprudent and disloyal to Him. Doing it at a bargain price is grounds for worrying that Father is either mentally ill or was under duress. (Under duress from bureaucrats in the archdiocesan chancery, perhaps?)

And if the local Archbishop approved it, it’s really not good. The article sounds like there was a lot of interference from chancery bureaucrats, and one wonders if the Archbishop even knew about the whole thing.

But even better, parishioners say that “Every time someone speaks to Father Fennessy about this, he accuses them of being bigots or racists.” Nice, Father. Nice care of souls there.

In fact, the Muslim American Society to which they sold the convent is known for espousing racism and anti-Semitism, and for having many extremist ties. The ADL has five pages of background on them that isn’t nice. So why didn’t the Archdiocese do some due diligence on this?

Here’s an article on one of the former pastors of St. Margaret Mary, and about its proud history as a parish.

Fr. Fennessy was previously in the news as the priest who said the requiem Mass at Old St. Patrick’s for John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife.


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Meanwhile, on the Other Side of the Axis….

It looks like those crazy Finns are still on track to release their saga of Nazis invading from their secret base on the Moon. They’ve released a new trailer with actual footage from their movie, Iron Sky.

Turnabout is fair play: a fan video called Rust Sky.

A rather irreverent Action Man action figure fan video. It’s relevant. But I gotta say, somebody’s been watching too much tv from the Sixties and Seventies. The Sean Connery voice is hilarious.

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Yes, the Space Battleship Yamato theme does have lyrics to it.

Many years afterward, here’s the Japanese lyrics being sung. Enjoy!

Also, here’s a nice fan video of an RC model of the Yamato, tooling around in underwater mode at “Starfleet Yokosuka Dry Docks”. 🙂 Yes, the rebuilt Yamato could launch from water or land, fly through atmosphere or run deep in the ocean, as well as being able to travel through space on normal space drive or go into hyperdrive through a warp. She’s an All Purpose Starship. 🙂 has some great stuff from last year’s big (minicon) Japanese fan gathering, Yamato Party 2009. The fandom is aging, small, but hardy! We also meet Anton from Siberia, who looks like he should be a character on the show.

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Not being a very plugged-in fan, I missed the news last January that there will be yet another Space Battleship Yamato (or Starblazers, as we American kids saw it back in the day) movie out this December.

So I see that today, and think, “Aeh, that’s nice.”

A live-action movie.

“Aeh, that’s nice.”

Then I watched the trailer. (Yeah, Harry uses language. You might not want to scroll down too far.)

Derek Wildstar, complete with 70’s hair! Captain Avatar, solid, old, wily, and white-bearded as life!


You can learn more about the movie here.

Yes, darn it, I’m excited about this movie. Very excited. I’m “getting up at 6 AM to tape-record the show dialogue while holding my hand over my mouth” excited. And you know what?

It’s going to be released in Japan on December 1, 2010.

You know what that means?

“Hurry, Star Force! There are only 281 days left!”

On the dark side… they’ve made the sometimes sage, sometimes hentai, nearly always drunk Dr. Sane, Argo’s curmudgeon medical officer, into a woman. Ewwwwwwwwww. They’ve made the ship’s redheaded, freckled male communications guy, Homer, into a woman also, which is… um… way too Uhura, and also creepy.

I’m not as disturbed by them making Lt. Nova into a Cosmotigers fighter pilot. It’s weird for her, but fighter pilot is one of the things her character did occasionally do. (She was a jack of all trades as a spaceship officer.) But given her character’s role as a gentle balance to the amazing amount of extra- and intra-ship combat in the show, I think that turning her into a neo-female Starbuck would be a huuuuuuge mistake.

However, the actress playing her is a female singer and model, so I doubt they’ll de-sweet-ify her too much. Also, she apparently has the Matsumoto-required Long Heroine Hair and Big Almondy Heroine Eyes. She’s from Okinawa, interestingly. Not a typical looking idol singer, either, because her father was half-Brazilian. Hard to tell from her videos if she can act, since they’re mostly all dancing or looking at the camera. But she seems to project a winning personality, so I’m feeling positive.

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How to Use Up Hardboiled Eggs.

Obviously, I should have found these Indian recipes at Easter.

Egg chaat seems to have a lot of variants, but it pretty much seems to mean “halved or quartered hardboiled eggs, plus yummy stuff”.

Egg chaat at the wonderfully informative site

Egg chaat as a street food in Belgium.

Another similar egg chaat.

Egg Manchurian, which is hardboiled eggs with a hot sauce on top.

Another similar dish, with coconut, curry, and garlic.

Hardboiled eggs with a hot sauce for spaghetti.

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