For Those Searching for “aliens” and “wright patt”

 A top secret airplane once crashed in our high school parking lot. The Air Force lied about what model it was, but every air-knowledgeable civilian in the area knew perfectly well it hadn’t been that. And held their tongues, of course. Also, Soviet spies did live in the area.

My gamemaster’s dad used to be in charge of Hangar 18, and his mom runs an airplane program. We’re always joking about how Mulder and Scully should have stopped by, and everyone in the gaming group would of course have been dead meat when they did. Unless we were all part of the conspiracy, of course.

Man, don’t you wish you lived in Beavercreek?


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4 responses to “For Those Searching for “aliens” and “wright patt”

  1. Sailorette


    What state?

    If it’s in Cali– is your basketball team doing well against the Surprise Valley Hornets?

  2. Maureen

    Sailorette, I now know that you are not a fan of alien conspiracies, or at least, only one interested in recent material. 🙂 IIRC, the only Beavercreek team in our Beavercreek that’s going to State is from my old elementary school. 🙂

    “wright patt” referred to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, which was the focus of Air Force flight research before “Dreamland” even existed. It was also the home of Project Bluebook, the Air Force’s investigation into UFO reports. Thus, before “Hangar 19” at the base out west became the place people looked for frozen alien bodies, Hangar 18 over at our base was it. Weird people were always trying to sneak onto base, and finding out that security was tighter than it appeared.

    There are still all sorts of top secret and not quite so secret research projects going on out at the base, but they are usually more of a science in the lab nature. For example, there are folks in the lab developing powerful laser weaponry, the results of which are shown off at the local Air Show. If the lab folks want to strap the lasers on the converted planes for which the weaponry has been made, they have to take the lasers out west.

    Strictly speaking, I don’t live in Beavercreek anymore. But I still live under several flightpaths. 🙂

  3. And in Dayton you’re also absorbing ham-radio transmissions all the time. I wonder if there’s a police scanner that picks up both alien and ham frequencies. I don’t think the metal fillings in my teeth would catch both.

  4. Harrison Bergeron

    That was an RB-57 Canberra that lost a wing (apparently to an engine explosion) soon after takeoff from Wright-Patterson. It landed in the parking lot at Beavercreek High School, near Xenia Ohio, doing no serious damage (although a teacher named Durnbaugh is reported to have nearly had a heart attack when he mistakenly thought it had damaged his beloved Thunderbird). I know this because I saw it — I graduated from Beavercreek the previous year. The RB model of the Canberra was secret only because of the surveillance equipment it carried.

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