Interesting Scripture Variant in Irenaeus

In Against Heresies, Book I, Chapter VIII, St. Irenaeus quotes 1 Cor. 11:10 as “A woman ought to have a veil (“kalumma”) on her head, because of the angels.” (Instead of “have authority on her head”.)

So that’s kinda interesting, because Irenaeus was a native Greek-speaker from Asia Minor. And this basically equates a woman having authority with a woman wearing a veil.

OTOH, it is pretty obvious that the Latin-speaking Fathers like St. Augustine, and the ecclesiastical writers like Tertullian, see “having power on/over her head” meaning that a man is restraining a woman, or that the woman is restraining her own power by means of the veil. OTOH, it was more important for a married Roman woman to wear a stola in public, at all times, than it was for women in Asia Minor or other parts East to wear a light veil or hat when outside; so they would tend to lean a certain way.

I don’t want to disregard the way that this passage was traditionally interpreted, because clearly that’s part of holy tradition and the magisterium. But it seems to be saying various things to various people.

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