The Friar (Kids’ Show on EWTN)

I’m pretty sure they’ve run this show on EWTN before, but I’ve never actually watched it.

As with a lot of Catholic kids’ shows on EWTN, it’s apparently a redubbed Spanish or Italian TV show. The format is that “Friar John” is an adult host interacting with a puppet child, frog, and mouse to explain Bible stories. First they set up a frame story. Then the Bible story itself is presented as a puppet story with independent characters and sets. Then the friar discusses the Bible study with the kid and animal puppets, which leads into more frame story. Then there’s a “music box” with a picture recapping the Bible story, followed by a song recapping the Bible story with a cartoon video. Then there’s more frame story, following the theme of the Bible story. (In the episode I saw, this included Marian prayer. Prayer and action were shown to interact.) Then there’s a saint story, presented with painted slideshow pictures, which also relates to the Bible story. Then the framing story is resolved happily. Finally, they recap the story puppets and song with new verses, with the friar and the puppets singing along. (Recaps are good for kids’ memory.) In the episode I saw, the story puppets even show up in the “real world” of the framing story, singing through the window of the friar’s house.

The episode I saw was about the Good Shepherd, and was apparently the pilot episode. It was strikingly done. First off, most retellings don’t talk about the sheep’s motivations for wandering off! Second, most don’t show a sheepfold keeping the other 99 sheep safe. (Or one of the safe sheep suggesting that the Shepherd not go after such a bad sheep as the straying one.) Third, most don’t assume that the wolf was engaged in a deeplaid plot to catch and eat the sheep through both deception and undermining the sheep’s faith in the shepherd. Fourth, most retellings don’t end with a life or death puppet struggle between the Good Shepherd and the bad wolf! (“Take that! And that!”) But all this goes along with various sheep/shepherd stories and verses in the NT, and was also full of charming details. The song video did more of the same. They even included and explained a statue of Mary as a shepherdess, helping find lost sheep (very popular in Spain).


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  2. Glad you like “The Friar”, I’m involved with the English voiceover work, I’m a bit biased but I think it’s a great show. I think we are on number 12 now, and they get better as they go along. Valivan, who produce it, is a family business with amazing talent, based in Spain.

  3. Dave Haynes

    My children love the Friar but we have only been able to see 6 of them on EWTN. Does anyone know how to get a DVD (English version). I have emailed Vaivan but they just refered me back to EWTN who have not responded to my email on this.

  4. Bridget

    My children (2 and 3) adore this show and we only can get them on DVD (don’t pay for TV). They learn so much and my husband and I are re-centered in our faith as well. Such an incredible blessing! I really like the songs, too!

  5. I started a blog about being the voice of Leopold

    • Dave Haynes

      It is shown on EWTN at various times through the year, but sadly they only seem to show 6 of the 12(?) episodes.
      Dave Haynes

  6. Marie

    I love love love this show. Does EWTN even still show it? Does Vavilian still produce more episodes? I hope it hasn’t ended.

    • Hi Marie, yes Valivan is still producing them, slowly. Number 11 was finished a couple of months ago, the next should be along soon. They originally planned 13 episodes I think, and are hoping to do more.


      • Marie

        Oh I am so glad to hear this. You do such a wonderful job, Leopold is one of our family’s favorite characters, in large part due to his adorable voice! Keep up the good work!

  7. Dave

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the song they sing in one of the episodes “IF you choose to build your house without God”? Thanks

  8. Lindsay

    I’m 21 and I love this show, its so cute!

  9. Mark & Anne

    I’ve seen the Wedding Feast on EWTN. Please don’t let this be the last one! My little children love this show! They don’t call it “The Friar” they call it “Leopold”. There aren’t too many shows we allow our children to watch; this is one of the very few. Please don’t stop making them!!!

    • Leopold (me) has been busy recording the first of 5 new short episodes, this one is for Christmas, I think you will like it!

      • Mark & Anne

        We did enjoy the Christmas one and we saw a new episode aired today on the workers in the field. I was so glad it was a full half hour! If you can, please tell the family that makes these not to stop!! Thank you!

      • Maggie

        Oh! What is the Christmas one?? My daughter loves this show…and so do my husband & I!

  10. My children watch this and absolutely love it.. I will be honest at first i thought they might not show interest in it, basing this on other things they watch, but to my shock, they absolutely love it all.. Any time it plays on EWTN, I have ir recording on my DVR.. I love watching it with my kids.. Thank you so much for what you do.. It is great!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Joan in Colorado

    I have loved this show on EWTN for a long time, and now the children in my life love watching “Father John”. Oh how I wish there would be more episodes! I believe episodes can be purchased from the EWTN religious catalogue.

  12. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys; I love the “Friar” the more & more I view the show. Watched “Part 2” of the Advent Special on Tuesday; that was cool! Ask you keep me in your prayers; lot going on. God bless your music & ministry. Merry Christmas; Kate & Craig. Beth

  13. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys; may have to switch to my M’s account. Dad’s e-mail quit working; again. I plan to watch the 2nd season with May coming up. Beth

  14. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    I noticed EWTN has a 3rd season coming up for Friar! Ought-a be good! Beth

  15. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    1. Sandra’s gonna get “Lost Coin & “Prodigal Son” for me. 2. “Can you still get “Birth of Christ” DVD with Amy Bils? Beth

  16. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    “Are you going to put a trailer of the 3rd season” in You-Tube? Beth

  17. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    “What’s the new mouse’s name? I was admiring Maria’s singing! Anxious to see more of Season 3! Beth

  18. Beth Keyes

    I watched the “10 Virgins” show yesterday; (plan on the other two as well! “Who’s the new mouse; you guys put in last week?” Beth

  19. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    Anxious to see the next two: the one today on the “Vine” & the one next week! Keep me in your prayers: got ups & downs. Beth

  20. Beth Keyes

    Hey Craig;
    “The 2nd song on the “Prodigal Son” that Kate sings; “what’s the name of that song I always loved?” Beth

  21. Beth Keyes

    Watched the “Vine” one yesterday; I got emotional! The part where they helped Luke when he was sick; was like WOW! I hope you guys put Season 3 on DVD later! Beth

  22. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving; (you & Kate;) Mine had a few cheer-ups; (Dad & I watched a dog-show yesterday; & read “County” (a magazine I get in the mail sometimes that we both like to read together; (but still have concerns at the same time: last 3 Saturday’s; I been scratching myself again; keep me in your prayers; I know that takes time to not do it as much!) Looking foward to “Birds in the air” coming up! Beth

  23. Beth Keyes

    I just watched “Birds in the Air”; i love that song! It’s beautiful! Beth

  24. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    “Wishing you & Kate a “Merry Christmas!” Looking forward to the “Advent Special” on the 9th! Keep me in your prayers; I’ve been scratching myself. (I finally got some sleep since taking the “Equate Day-time;” but I can still tell I ain’t sleeping enough. (I took the time to relax to Psalty & Tina Malia yesterday.) Beth

  25. Beth Keyes

    I just read EWTN’s link; I guess they got a new one for “Friar” on the 14rth; “Splinter of the eye” along with the Advent special on the 9th & 18th; (along with other Christmas specials! Beth

  26. Beth Keyes

    The part of me “scratching myself” that I refered to in some of the other e-mails; sometimes I scratch myself with a paring knife; Looking forward to advent special tomorrow & the new episode on the 14rth. Beth

  27. Beth Keyes

    Just watched the “fust part” of “Advent Special;” (& I’m sure you’ll later show the other two parts; too!) (Also; looking forward to the new one on Tuesday (& other Christmas concerts! from EWTN!) Beth

  28. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    Today’s the day on the other new “Friar: Splinter of the Eye;” (I know it’s struggle in my own life; as well; sometimes; “Maybe we all do?” Saw an eastern bluebird yesterday; that was cool! Beth

  29. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    Just watched the “Splinter of the Eye” episode; that was SO good! I loved the song! Beth

  30. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    “Just watched “Part 2: of the “Advent Special at 9:30!” (I always loved the 2nd one! I always liked “Timmy the Mouse” & “Renata!” Beth

  31. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    Hope you’re having a “Merry Christmas” Craig & Kate! Been enjoying the concerts on EWTN! Beth

  32. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    I loved seeing “Amhl & the Night Visitors” yesterday! I’ve always loved that Opera! Beth

  33. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    I don’t know what’s going on with me; lately I’ve been tired all the time; (probably affect from the “Equate Day-time”. Keep me in prayers; (Feels like a flip-flop! Beth

  34. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    Hope you had a “Merry Christmas” & a “Happy new year”! Hard to believe it’s 2022; now. Beth

  35. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    I enjoyed “Season 3” when you showed them back in November. “Are you planning to put to DVD?” Beth

  36. Beth Keyes

    Also; I think it be neat like Gary said so many times on his link: “Did you gus ever come up with stuffed animals for: Renata; Timmy; or even Aldofo & the pelician? Beth

  37. Beth Keyes

    Keep me & my Dad in your prayers; I noticed he seemed shaky last night; (even for him; (he’s always been cold-natured like me; (I perfer the heat any day!) (but last night; he seemed more than usual; they checked him out: they said he hadn’t been eating or drinking enough. They recommended “gatorade.” Beth

  38. Beth Keyes

    I’ve shut down to the point I keep saying “Dad” over & over; or if not that; “Dad; Glenn; Cliff!” I know I should be praying to God again! Beth

  39. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    Happy Valentines Day! Keep me in your prayers: Dad’s still not eating much (though I was glad M. told me Dad drank the “Lime Cuke Gatorade” Sarah got us!” Also; I’ve been more prone on the scratching myself with a paring knife; (something I got to watch;) I went from “just the arms” to also doing on my “knee” lately; My friend & minister; Glenn recommended VC to me! i think I need help! & definate prayer! On the plus side: I’m blown away how many friends I made since going to Hope! Sandra’s got the order for me coming on: “Lost coin” & “Prodigal son” after I helped her with! Beth

  40. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    Dad’s doing so much better! He’s eating a lot more; (though he seemed tired yesterday; though.) same time; still keep us in your prayers; I’m still having trouble sleeping; I’ve shut down to the point I keep saying “Daddy” or Daddy; Glenn over & over again! Beth

  41. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;

    Added note; here. I finally slept the last 3 days & nights; (still tell I aint’s sleeping enough; though;) I think I needed the outing. Glenn’s so nice; I’m so glad I started going to Hope! On the getting help; I think I may start slow with Grace & then eventually more with the VC thing. I seen several birds the last couple days: this morning: 2 Northern flicksrs & a starling! That was neat! Take care; Beth

  42. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;

    That was neat; yesterday; yesterday I seen 2 Nothern flickers; (a type woodpecker; the males are red on top; silver & brown body; females are brown); so that was neat while I was watching “Friar: Two Sons” at the same time! I slept better the last 4 nights; (though my sinuses woke me up at 3;) still got concerns; though. I’ve been under stress through M. & Deborah; & I been scratching myself with a paring knife; again the last 2 1/2 weeks; Take care; I’m looking forward to getting “Friar Prodigal Son” & “Friar Lost Coin”! (Sandra’s got the order coming for me!) Beth

  43. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    I’ve been seeing all kinds of birds the last two days: a “tufted titmouse;” “purple finch;’ “sparrow;” “robins”; downy woodpeckers;” & a male & a female cardnial! It was so neat! Keep me in your prayers; at the same time: I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I didn’t go to sleep til 2:00 this morning; (once I put on Tina Malia; I was o.k.) Beth

  44. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    “Are they going to put back “Friar” in May? (I noticed there’s seeming to focus more on “Roaming Catholic” right now!) (Happy Easter; by the way!) Keep me in your prayers. Beth

  45. Beth Keyes

    Also; forgot to add: Deborah was nice to read some of the poems I wrote recently for “Sunday school”; so that was nice! (a gift I didn’t even know I had til she started encouraging me to write some;) (at the same time; I’ll be glad when i hang out with Sandra again; too; & eventually; Sarah; too!) WATERFALLS: Any time I see a waterfall; there’s a song being sung; “Splish; splash; See the rainbow of the music of the springs; among the waterfall; I see a tufted titmouse drumming on the stones by the waterfall like a xylophone; a purple finch singing into a flower like a microphone; let’s build a pool for a little bird-home; music is naturelike a song of a rainbow’s pool of reflection & end! (I’ll type the other one later I wrote for my Dad; when I’m not muti-tasking.) Beth

  46. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys; definately lift (patuliarly me & M. but; really the whole family; really; As I mentioned on your older link; Craig; But asking “What is the begging surfaces on forgiveness (with; it’s back to Amy Grant’s song: “Every Road; there’s a ltwo lines; (& more;) that sticks out for me: “In this life we live (something close;) but the part leading up to the chorus (& the chorus; too;) (he! he!0 is “There’s a struggle in this life we lead; it’s party you; it’s partly me: CHORUS: But every road that’s traveled; teaches something new; (I’ll type more of the words; later; another time; since this is so long;) but anyway definately keep the whole family in your prayers; (My Daddy passed away; April 3rd; so (emotional; past away; on April 3rd; so I guess you get the picture; (I know I’m really hurting; Thank you so much for your show; I sense more & more you guys really do care; (makes a big diffrence;) You & Kate both take care. Beth

  47. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    Are you going come up with a 4rth season of Friar? I know you come up with a 3rd season that was good last year. Beth

  48. Beth Keyes

    Hey Craig & Kate;
    Hope your have a good Thanksgiving & a Merry Christamas! Beth

  49. Beth Keyes

    Hey Craig & Katie;
    Keep M. in your prayers. She’s been coughing the last couple days. Beth

  50. Beth Keyes

    Hey guys;
    I was wondering if you come up with the 3rd season to DVD. Beth

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